Below is a list of some of the courses offered (either through live lectures or online) for students pursuing their Theological Degrees. Students who desire to take the courses online to fast track their learning program will need to request and apply through CVSOT.    

Curriculum List

1. Biblical Theology Division (BT)

BT105: Back to Basics BT111: The Kingdom of God BT225: Prayer: Its Power and Purpose BT280: Soteriology BT321: Christology BT325: Pneumatoloogy BT340: The Prophetic Church BT355: Christian Ethics BT425: Apologetics BT451: Developing Sound Hermeneutics BT527: Priesthood of the Believer BT545: A Theology of Worship BT546: A Theology of Power BT550: Restoration Theology BT555: A Theology of Joy BT580: The Trinity BT713: The Covenants of God BT810: Bible Anthropology BT941: Ecclesiology: The Church

2. Christian Counseling Division (CC)

BICC150: Introduction to Biblical Counseling BICC310: A Study of Christian Marriage and Child-Training BICC520: Resolving Conflict and Anger God’s Way BICC526: Raising A Righteous Generation BICC530: Stress Management BICC533: A Biblical Study of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage BICC534: Breaking Generational Bonds: From Hooked to Healed BICC555: Godly Foundations for Parenting

3. Historical Theology Division (HT)

BIHT510: The History of the Early Church BIHT608: The Nature and Dynamics of Revival BIHT720: The Apostles’ Creed

4. New Testament Division (NT)

NT115: Survey of the New Testament (I)

NT120: Survey of the New Testament (II)

NT113: The Beatitudes

NT550: The Book of Mark

NT555: The Book of Acts: The Spirit & the Mission of the Church

NT124: The Book of Galatians

​NT211: Romans (I): Wrath to Righteousness

NT313: The Book of Ephesians

NT422: Romans (II): New Life in Christ

NT600: A Study of Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians

NT610: A Study of Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians

NT225: The Book of Hebrews

NT525: The Letters of John

NT626: Studies in the Book of James

NT670: The Book of Jude

5. Old Testament Division (OT)

BIOT115: Survey of the Old Testament (I)

BIOT120: Survey of the Old Testament (II)

BIOT113: The Book of Esther

BIOT414: The Book of Nehemiah

BIOT561: The Book of Joshua

BIOT714: The Book of Ruth

BIOT527: Psalms: A Hebrew History

BIOT530: A Study of the Song of Solomon

BIOT542: The Book of Proverbs

BIOT350: The Minor Prophets

BIOT399: The Book of Isaiah

BIOT519: Major Prophets

BIOT520: The Book of Ezekiel

BIOT541: The Book of Jeremiah

BIOT610: The Book of Daniel

6. Practical Theology Division (PT)

BIPT335: Experiencing and Encountering the Holy Spirit

BIPT517: Character Determines Destiny

BIPT536: The Believer’s Authority

BIPT545: Biblical Discipleship

BIPT580: The Theology of Spiritual Development

BIPT606: The Theology of Spiritual Authority

BIPT616: Spiritual Warfare

BIPT657: Understanding and Overcoming Adversity

BIPT816: How to Hear the Voice of God

BIPT589: The Theology of Serving

BIPT340: Dynamics of Effective Communication

BIPT501: Expository Preaching

BIPT590: Teaching: A Biblical Perspective

BIPT540: A Study of Biblical Worship

BIPT301: Equipping for Evangelism

BIPT644: Effective Evangelism Strategies for the Twenty-first Century

BIPT551: Divine Health and Healing Principles

BIPT663: Healing the Wounded Heart

BIPT136: Leaders under Construction

BIPT235: A Biblical Understanding of Leadership

BIPT350: Courage to Lead

BIPT420: Strengthening Leaders

BIPT569: Leaders of Destiny

BIPT213: Spiritual Fathering

BIPT300: Laying a Foundation for Spiritual Sons

BIPT528: Apostolic Ministry

BIPT507: Seven Basic Biblical Principles for Success in the Marketplace

BIPT597: Financial Wisdom to Create True Wealth

BIPT633: God’s Systems on Success